What is a Moon Mate?

A Moon Mate is different from a Soulmate or Twin Flame because it relies specifically focusing on your birth chart to find the compatibility patterns of who you should be with.  A Soulmate is someone who you may have deep feelings for and a special relationship with, however it doesn’t mean that you are a perfect match together.

Is Your Moon Mate Your Soulmate?

Many people are curious to know who will their Soulmate is or if they are with that person now?  They also want to make sure that they are compatible with this person which is where Astrology comes to play especially your Moon sign.  You are probably already familiar with your sun or zodiac sign, but that only makes up part of your astrological profile and the next biggest piece of that is your Moon Message.

Furthermore a person can actually have more than one Soulmate too.  Soulmates are meant to come in and out your life over the years, which can be both romantic and simple friendships. Each Soulmate serves a purpose, and then they go their separate ways.  With a Moon Mate, you are destined to be with this person because you share very similar traits based on your signs at birth of where the planets where in that exact time.

What is a Moon Message?

Your moon message will provide a provide deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires and combined with your zodiac sign, which gives you the most comprehensive reading who the person you are destined to be with, your Moon Mate.

A moon message can help match someone to their Moon Mate through a horoscope birth chart reading to understand where the Moon was during their time of birth and match them to someone with a compatible zodiac sign.

How Do You Find Your Moon Mate?

There are several ways that you can discover who your Moon Mate is.  There are several steps you should take in order to discover not only your Moon Mate, but your moon message to help put both pieces together in your life.

Your Birth Chart Reading

The first step is to get your birth chart or natal reading which can also be referred to as your horoscope chart.  The information you will need to get your reading will be your name, birthdate, birth time (if known), and place of birth.  The more details you have, the more accurate your reading will be as it will give you the exact planetary movements at the time of your birth which can give you deep insights to your personality, traits, and more.

Zodiac Compatibility Reading

The next step is to find out what zodiac or sun sign you are most compatible with.  Some signs have shown to be more compatible with each other and others have been known to be extremely difficult to be with.  For example its been known that Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all a good match with each other based on fire signs.  Capricorn and Cancer are different from each other as one is serious and the other is intuitive.  There are many places where you can find your zodiac compatibility chart to understand which sign will get your closer to your Moon Mate.

Compare Your Results

Once you have your birth chart reading and zodiac compatibility understood about yourself, it is time to compare that with the person you are with or want to be with.  If the person you are matching up with has a sign that is compatible with yours, that is a good start.  But it doesn’t end there.  You have to look into their birth chart reading to see what traits and their personality is made up with based on Astrology.  If these align with your chart, then this could be considered your Moon Mate.  Taking both of these elements into consideration (your birth chart) and (zodiac compatibility) it gives you the best chance to have your traits and values aligned through Astrology.

Why is a Moon Message Important?

Without a moon message, there is no way to find your Moon Mate or more importantly your true partner that you are destined to be with through Astrology.  Again, many people understand their zodiac sign, but that is only part of their profile and personality makeup.  To get the full perspective and most in depth desires, motivations, and insights, a person must know the full planetary picture when they were born.  This consists of the zodiac reading combined with their moon message.

When someone understands what their Moon Message is, they will have a better understanding of who that person should be in their love life if they want to try and experience the fullest compatibility for the fullest longevity of their love life and share the same traits and values.

Does Your Moon Message Change?

Yes, your moon message will not change on a daily basis just like your horoscope does, as that is the foundational message that should be used within your birth chart reading to get your underlying personality traits, desires, and motivators.  These are mostly your macro indicators, but to find your micro personality indicators, you will look at your Daily Moon Watch Message to understand any mood swings or things to prepare for as the Moon and planets shift into the universe.

The Daily Moon Watch will show you the specific movements and patterns of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars that will influence your every day by possible decision making and give you guidance on what to prepare for.

The Moon Watch is considered a forecast just like the weather that will track the Sun and Inner planetary ‘Transits’ as they pass through the Houses’ of your birth chart.  This will then give you the details the exact time of the transit based on your current location which could be different now from where you were born.

Why Do Transit Periods Matter?

Transit shifts are certain periods of time when planets continue to move around the universe and in that process they will be placed in different angles to where they were exactly when you were born.  That is why it is important to try and find out the exact time you were born to understand precisely how the universe was at your birth.

Once you have your blueprint of your natal birth chart reading, you can then keep a watch on the Transit Periods on a weekly or monthly basis as they will help prepare you for what is ahead.  Sometimes transits of the planet are far and few between years apart and some may only see a few transit period in their lifetime because they are such small shifts in the universe.  Basically it brings your birth chart alive instead of relying on just your initial natal reading if you have had one in the past.

Do You Need to Know Who Your Moon Mate Is?

Some people are just fine in their relationships as they have already been with their Soulmate or Twin Flame for decades or even just starting their journey but know that they are the one.  Others may struggle through their love life not knowing who their future partner or spouse is for them.  They have often tried dating both traditionally and online, but never find that right person that is a fit for them.  Your Moon Mate can essentially give you a deeper insight as to who that special person should be in your love life by giving you the most compatible fit based on what the Universe says.


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