How Your Moon & Rising Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

Astrology can help you find your soulmate. But the help this science provides involves more inner work than you suspect. The rising sign and Moon Sign both play a key role when trying to find that one person you’re meant to be with. 

You probably already know your Sun sign – the one that’s determined by your birth date. 

Here’s a quick recap of how the Sun sign impacts your personality. Your Sun sign is the side of you that’s authentic to your true essence that you’re comfortable with other people knowing. We all edit ourselves for society. The Sun Sign is the part of the true “you” you are comfortable putting out there in society, even with people you barely know.

The Sun Sign makes up the qualities people in your social and professional circles quickly associate you with. It’s where you shine and where you’re charismatic. 

A Virgo Sun is innately detail-oriented, doesn’t like to be the center of attention, can be rather critical of themselves and others, and feels motivated to serve those around them. A Scorpio Sun is known for being no-nonsense. They are known for their love for the taboo and the hidden. 

However, this isn’t the whole picture. There is an even more edited public persona we put out there, which also represents a lesson we have to integrate as we age (the Rising Sign). In addition to this, there is who we are when no one is watching and how we connect to our emotions (the Moon Sign).

Let’s dive deeper into the secrets of your birth chart!

What does the Rising Sign Mean?

The Rising is the Zodiac sign that was on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born. You need your exact birth time to figure out what your Rising Sign is. This is so because the Zodiac sign that’s on the Eastern horizon changes every couple of hours or so.

As we’ve already stated, we make a subconscious effort to be perceived a certain way by others. The Rising Sign is the persona we want to portray, especially with strangers or acquaintances. 

In some ways, it’s a mask, but this wouldn’t be a complete definition.

If you’re a Virgo Sun with a Cancer Rising, you want people to see you as emotionally nurturing and intuitive, even though there is also a side of you that’s critical and detail-oriented and, deeper still, there’s the Moon Sign of who you are when no one’s watching. 

However, the Rising Sign is not only a mask. It’s an energy your soul has agreed to embody over time before incarnating. In order to embody the highest vibration possible related to your Rising Sign, you have agreed to undergo certain life lessons. Your soul has contracts to meet people who show you how to embody your Rising.

The Rising Sign comes into bloom around the age of 29, when you have your first Saturn Return. 

There’s a caveat here, though: The more you resist your Rising Sign, the harsher the lessons will be. The best you can do is embrace this energy that’s trying to come into your life.

In the case of our hypothetical Virgo Sun Cancer Rising, Virgo Suns are known to try to repress their emotions until these emotions manifest as physical symptoms. 

The Zodiac sign Cancer is different. They are sometimes too emotional. They understand the importance of emotions and make space for them. 

An example of a lesson this person may have to learn as a Cancer Rising is to make space for emotions before they translate into illness. Especially during their first Saturn Return but throughout all of their adult lives, they will have to confront outside situations that are meant to teach them to make space for feelings.   

How Can It Help Me Find My Soulmate?

The Rising Sign can help you find your soulmate in two ways. The first (and perhaps the most important one) is to do the inner work you need to do to finally embody your Rising Sign in a high-vibrational way. Only when you are the best version of yourself, or at least when you start to take the first steps towards becoming this version of you, will your soulmate walk into your life.

If you avoid the lessons the Universe sends you to integrate your Rising Sign, you may start to project the qualities of the Zodiac Sign of your Rising on others. 

A Taurus Rising may think they aren’t possessive at all, but they will attract possessive partners. An Aquarius Rising may think that order, structure, and no surprises is what works best for them, but they will attract an erratic, detached partner they can’t count on.

The second way in which your Rising Sign can help you find your soulmate is through the DC. The DC or descendant is the opposite Zodiac sign to your Rising and the cusp of your seventh house of committed partnership. 

A Cancer Rising will have a Capricorn DC, for example. This means they are best suited for a partner that embodies the qualities of Capricorn. This doesn’t mean that their soulmate is literally a Capricorn, just that the person they’ll end up with will embody the qualities of this Zodiac sign. 

What Does My Moon Sign Mean?

Your Moon Sign is what identifies you best when you’re a child, since the Sun Sign only starts to show itself around the age of 12. The Moon Sign has to do with instinctive reactions, the inner world, and emotions. This is a part of yourself you can easily hide if you choose to.

When we are children, the people who have the most influence on how we experience our emotions are our parents, or whoever ends up being in charge of raising us. 

We will reproduce what was positive about the way they looked after, nurtured, and loved us, but we will also continue to reproduce the negative. Either we will embody their negative qualities ourselves, or we will try to be the opposite in a way that hurts us.

For example, a person with an Aquarius Moon may have experienced the love of their parents as something erratic and unreliable. They may either become erratic themselves, or so structured and reliable that they end up hurting themselves in the process – by staying with a toxic person because they promised them they would stay, for example.

As you have probably deduced by now, our Moon Sign has a huge bearing on our attachment style. 

Aquarius and Capricorn Moons, with their aversion towards emotions, sometimes grow up to have an avoidant attachment style. A Moon in Leo or Scorpio may, on the other hand, develop an anxious attachment style. This isn’t set in stone, of course, but the energy is there.

If you haven’t identified your attachment style and started to work on it yet, your Moon sign may clue you in on this respect. You need a healthy attachment style to not only meet your soulmate but not ruin that relationship once it has started with your own unaddressed inner demons. 

How Can My Moon Sign Help Me Identify My Soulmate?

There are no hard and fast rules as to the birth chart of your soulmate. However, there is one thing to bear in mind. You’ll always get along best with a partner who has the Moon either in the same element as you or in the opposite element. Water opposes Earth and vice versa. Fire opposes Air.

If you’re a Leo Moon, dating a Sagittarius Moon means that you two will speak the same language emotionally. You’ll be able to match each other’s passion and love for adventure. If you date a Libra Moon, this partner will be able to offer a different emotional perspective without being too different from you as to become incompatible.

However, I believe the best thing knowing your Moon Sign has to offer when looking for a lifelong partner is self-knowledge and the tools to work on your inner world. 

Do you know your Moon and Rising signs and what they mean, check them out here.

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