Why You Should Know Your Moon Sign Meaning for Your Soulmate

The Moon is a powerful force. Its ancient associations with fertility, growth and decay have been confirmed by science. Plant growth, tidal rhythms and menstrual cycles are influenced upon its movements and phases and are now common knowledge. Knowing the your moon sign meaning can give you possible answers you need towards your life and especially love in finding that perfect Soulmate.

It rules the ebb and flow of sensation and emotion. The Moon literally alters its image daily, characterizing it as changeable with an emotionally unsettling influence. It’s not erratic in nature, but constant and predictable and due to its swinging from one side to another on the pendulum of time, you fluctuate between painful and pleasurable emotions. Those sensations differ in degrees depending upon pressure of time and circumstance.

The Moon is the unconscious side of your personality. Because it rules the past, it affects what you are trying to overcome from memories and subjective feelings. The Moon represents strong family influences that have left a deep impression on your psyche. It rules the infant, the most impressionable stage of life.

The Moon rules the faceless masses and their combined emotional response, but in your chart, the sign in which your Moon resides governs your distinct and individual emotions and desires. Your Moon sign protects, nourishes and lovingly nurtures your reality however it shows up for you.

Your Moon Reading Reveals Your Emotional And Intuitive Side, Including How You Connect In Relationships.

Your Moon reading will reveal whether you will have difficulty in your relationships or if you are relationally inclined. It will determine if you are a domestic cozy type or inconstant and never ready to settle down for the long-term. It shows if you attract passionate and impractical people or unwavering supportive and loyal partners you can always count on.

Do you seek novelty, intellect and excitement in a partner? Or do you seek a parental type of partner that makes you feel taken care of? Your Moon sign will tell you your inner disposition and how you act. The Moon is your emotional mind and reveals how you emotionally make or respond to decisions and choices. Depending on the sign your Moon is in, you either fit snugly into your environments, going along with what is happening or you look for improvements, resistance, safety or beauty.

Because the Moon rules the mother, which typically is our first relationship, the influences and impressions that that relationship has left upon you can be ingrained in how you approach your values and self-worth. Your earliest nurturing affects how you psychologically protect yourself and the habitual patterns you developed that have become your reactions and responses. In a partnership, these behaviors will eventually come out in positive or negative ways depending on how you’ve dealt with childhood sorrows or memories.

Your Moon Sign Has A Powerful Impact On Future Partner Or Soulmate Compatibility.

Moon sign compatibility is beneficial because it determines the degree of how you and your partner handle each other’s fluctuations of moods and your initial responses to one another’s feelings. The degree of sensitivity and sympathy a partner has towards your feelings, customs and habits is more or less important depending on your Moon sign. The Moon is a deep receiver and represents growth. Moon sign compatibility has a powerful impact on romantically relating with a significant other and the more time you spend with them, the more they impress upon you and vice versa.

Although Moon sign compatibility may grant emotional ease in a relationship, it’s important that you and your partner heal childhood sadness and trauma in order for the relationship to thrive at its highest potential.

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